What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It's simple. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of getting your website ranked high in the Search Engines, for certain search terms or keywords.

What type of clients do you accept and not accept?

Our ideal client would have a well-designed website, when relative, high quality content, looking to get ranked for keywords (search terms) matching exactly what the end-user is looking for. That's it.

For example: If a local Dentist in St. Louis came to us, and wanted to get ranked for "St. Louis Dentist" and other similar keywords. It wouldn't make sense, and we wouldn't accept the client, if that same local Dentist wanted to get ranked for "dentist".

Our goals are aligned with the Search Engines. We want to provide the end-user (searcher) with the best websites and content possible highly related and specific to what the end-user searched for.

What Search Engine(s) do you target?

We primarily target Google®, since they have the highest market share. However, we also actively track and rank for Yahoo® & Bing®, MSN's ® new Search Engine. Every major Search Engine's ranking algorithm at the core is based on links. Which simply means our strategy will get results in not only major search engines, but also third tier search engines such as AltaVista®.

Does your SEO firm do any Blackhat SEO?

No. We do not employ any "Blackhat" SEO techniques. We use purely white hat SEO methods. A benefit to employing "White Hat" SEO methods, is that you will notice not only an increase in your website's rankings, but you will also notice an increase in traffic from the various white hat methods we employ such as article marketing.

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