There are Items to Consider Before Hiring a SEO Company or Expert

You’ve created a new website that you’re excited to share with the world…but how? Trying to navigate through the technical maze can leave you at the bottom of the ranks…that’s where a Search Engine Optimization expert can help.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, experts are an essential component to your online presence and success; however, you should be an educated consumer when shopping for the best SEO expert for your business and your website.

Before hiring an SEO expert, please consider:

Typically, the best time to hire an SEO expert is at the beginning. That is, the beginning or initial phase of your website development. Another time to consider an expert might be during a site re-design. An experienced SEO expert should be able to direct you with what on-page factors, or elements, need to be utilized within your site.

No expert can or should guarantee you a top ranking in Google®’s search engine. In fact, Google® itself prides itself on not offering a ‘priority submit’. Meaning, they won’t allow any agency or service special rankings as every website is ranked on the same playing field when it comes to SEO. Also, be sure to check that they follow the “Google® Webmaster Guidelines,” and they employ only white-hat (approved) methods.

Costs. Obviously, you’ll want to establish the costs of the SEO expert or company before hiring. You’ll want to determine their level of service, what is included in your search engine optimization package, and that your desired results will be met. Unlike paid-per-click advertising, SEO is continuous and not tiered based on the volume of traffic. Rather, it is a budgeted form of increasing your online presence without the higher costs often incurred when utilizing PPC advertising.

SEO is established through on-page and off-page factors. The on-page factors involve one-time changes or updates to your website. True search engine optimization experts, however, will utilize continuous, ongoing link-building methods back to your website. That is what will truly get you ranked.

Experience should also be considered before choosing and SEO expert. You’ll also want to look at their prior results…not to mention the results of their own website’s ranking. An SEO expert should, in fact, have their own website ranked very high in the search engines…after all, that’s what they do.

Be careful out there. There are well-established and reputable experts who can truly get you results, but you have to watch out for those who promise results, but can’t deliver.

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